Illustrate // Animate

A few things I have done in the time since graduating from college in classical animation; some animation, some illustration and just stuff I like to do on my free time when I'm not painting or building miniature houses.

Captain Paycheck

A demo made with two friends for a television show idea pitched to 20th Century Fox and a few other studios in Canada. This demo showcases my animation experience,  from the beginning of the process (idea development)  to the final edited video. A summary of my role: 

  • Story, Script, Storyboard,
  • Design, Colour,  Backgrounds, 
  • Rigging, Animation, Editing. 


A digital drawing completed on my iPad pro using the Procreate app and the apple Pencil. 

Child Under Pink Umbrella

Another Procreate drawing completed on my iPad Air using Adonit stylus. The final result is at the top of the page.